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Dear Life with Diabetes and Countdown readers,

Our fall issue of Life with Diabetes covers topics that are on many busy minds this brisk season. On the top of our minds is the renewal of the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). This federal program has been responsible for nearly $1.9 billion in crucial type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, but it is scheduled to expire next year. By becoming a Breakthrough T1D advocate today, you could help ensure its continuation, and become a hero to all those who live with T1D. With all the tools that Breakthrough T1D provides, it’s never been easier to be an advocate—just ask Camille Nash, mother of a daughter with T1D and Breakthrough T1D’s national volunteer leader for advocacy.

Also in this issue—for most people with T1D, counting carbohydrates is second nature. But what if you also have to track what kind of carbs are in your food? For the approximately 10 percent of people with T1D who also live with celiac disease, that double calculation is a part of every day, every meal. In Redesigning Carbs: T1D and Celiac Disease, we provide information to help manage tracking carbs while avoiding gluten. In our Q&A column, we discuss a common problem for parents of school-age children: what to do if the school nurse is responsible for more than one school and is not always available to meet your child’s needs? We have some helpful strategies. And finally, are you an alumnus of Camp NYDA? If so, it’s time to hear about your reunion!

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Happy reading!