Breakthrough T1D Funded Research Receives FDA Approval


New Trial Tests Potential Diabetes Cure

By Alyssa Hillman

(PHOENIX)—ViaCyte, a leader in the innovative medical world, announced that the FDA approved their encapsulation device for human clinical trials.

More than 100 Breakthrough T1D supporters attended Desert Southwest Chapter’s Research Update, at the home of Bo and Lani Calbert of Paradise Valley on October 2nd, where Dr. Paul Laiklind, president and CEO of ViaCyte, shared the advancing news.

Paul Laiklind, President & CEO, ViaCyte
Paul Laiklind, President & CEO, ViaCyte

Laiklind explained that encapsulation is a tiny device that is implanted under the skin subcutaneously. After the procedure, the patient is essentially relieved of their type one diabetes (T1D) responsibilities. There’s no need for daily insulin injections, blood testing, or carb counting—the device takes care of it all.

The encapsulation device is a pouch the size of a band-aid filled with pre-cursor cells, when vascularized with one’s own system, they become functioning beta cells that produce insulin. This tea-bag like device lets insulin out but keeps the immune system attack from coming in.

After years of research, ViaCyte can finally conduct clinical trials to see their novel therapy in action. The trials are said to start in a few months.

JDRF, a leader in funding research for T1D, has remained a strong supporter throughout encapsulation research. To assist ViaCyte, the Desert Southwest Chapter has decided to dedicate their annual gala Fund a Cure donations directly to encapsulation research.

The chapter has established a goal of raising $250,000 before the night of the gala, November 8, 2014 at Montelucia Resort & Spa. This James Bond casino themed event will be a fun and exciting evening. To purchase tickets to the event and support this ground-breaking research visit

As a prominent supporter of Viacyte, Breakthrough T1D is projecting to provide substantial funding for the unique device that will allow the fighters of the disease to feel TID free.