Flora Mason Volunteer of the Year Award


Jim Mason and Andy Gruber - Flora Mason Volunteers of the YearThe Flora Mason Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 1998 and is named after one of our chapter founders, who after 40 years has continued to be unwavering in her support of our efforts.

This year, the award was given to two outstanding board members and volunteers for the Breakthrough T1D Nevada Chapter, Jim Mason and Andy Gruber. They have been friends since middle school, and invaluable volunteers for just as long, helping Jim’s mother Flora prepare mailings to send out to the community when they were kids. Both Jim and Andy officially joined the chapter board in 2010.

This year, Jim was the first Nevada Chapter board member to participate in the Breakthrough T1D Ride to Cure Diabetes, raising over $22,000 for the Nashville ride. He faced freezing temperatures and strong winds to finish the 100 mile ride under his goal time, earning him matching donations from several other board members. His company, Taylor International, continues to support all of our fundraising programs including the One Walk and Hope Gala.

Andy’s fundraising efforts were as impressive as Jim’s this year. Individually, Andy raised near $17,000 for the Walk to Cure Diabetes (now known as the Breakthrough T1D One Walk) last October. Breakthrough T1D estimates that it takes an average of three requests for a donor to make a contribution. Andy is a perfect example of persistence being a key to successful fundraising. This year he was acknowledged as the largest individual fundraiser for the Walk to Cure Diabetes, and the chapter is very thankful for his support.

If you are interested in joining Jim and Andy as volunteers for the Nevada Chapter, please contact the office at 702-732-4795 or nevada@BreakthroughT1D.org.