Welcome to the Children’s Library Wishlist


Welcome to the Children’s Library Wishlist!

This is a list of items that I am recommending to create a really fun Children’s Library as one of our silent auction items for the May 11th Breakthrough T1D Gala. As a Youth Ambassador for Breakthrough T1D, I help to bring attention to people living with T1D and share my experience to help others understand how important fundraising for research is to find a cure for this disease!

This year I’m working even a little harder because I am becoming a Bat Mitzvah on May 26th and part of my Bat Mitzvah experience is to do a “mitzvah” – a good deed – and finding a cure for T1D would certainly fit that category!

I hope you will be able to help me create this amazing Children’s Library in the hope that we will raise a lot of money for further research for this very important cause. Thank you!

– Charley Bell

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