Endo Tips for a healthy Summer…

Tips from one of our favorite endocrinologist Dr. Oliver Oatman to help you have a safe and fun summer:

  • It is important to stay well hydrated during the hot summer. Dehydration can lead to higher blood sugars and elevated ketones.
  • The strength of insulin can be affected by heat, so make sure that insulin is kept in a cool pack when outside.
  • Remember to leave insulin pumps in the shade when removed for sports or swimming.
  • Check your blood sugar before going into the water. Treat any low blood sugars and recheck until blood sugar is normal before entering the water.
  • Always have a partner to swim with in case any severe low blood sugars occur.
  • Check your blood sugar at least once/hour while swimming.
  • Be cautious about correcting high blood sugars during or immediately after swimming as exercise can have a delayed lowering effect on blood sugars.
  • Discuss a plan with your endocrinologist or diabetes educator to help manage blood sugars around swimming times.

Enjoy your Summer!