Breakthrough T1D is now participating in Prairie Farms Our Caps Your Cause!


Our Caps Your Cause

On Prairie Farms white or flavored milk in gallon or half gallon sizes, you will find a sticker located on top of each cap. Peel back the sticker to find a unique code that can be redeemed at When prompted to choose an organization, select Breakthrough T1D. Every cap entered will generate 5 cents towards our mission to find a cure for diabetes. After 1,000 caps are entered, we receive a check from Prairie Farms.

With your participation in Our Caps Your Cause, you will be supporting Breakthrough T1D’s mission along with a local business. 100% of the funds raised with this partnership will be used for diabetes research.

“Prairie Farms represents over 700 farm families with a local network of manufacturing plants ensuring fresh dairy products throughout the Midwest and Southern states,” said Michelle Fluty, Prairie Farms Program Coordinator.  “Our Caps Your Cause is a simple way for families to get involved and support Breakthrough T1D,” Fluty added.

If you have any questions about the program, contact the Breakthrough T1D St Louis chapter office:
Ally Bartholomew

Prairie Farms