Register for Breakthrough T1D Ride!


Breakthrough T1D Ride registration opens Wednesday, January 19 at 11 AM CT, so mark your calendar and get ready (spots will fill fast)! This Ride season, we are thrilled to be back in person at our favorite destinations. With an extended ride season, you have plenty of time to train, fundraise and get excited for the ride of your choice.

The Breakthrough T1D Ride isn’t just about cycling—it’s a global community with an ongoing commitment to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D). No matter where you live, how you choose to ride or how far you go, you’ll be surrounded by the T1D community—fellow riders, coaches, friends and family, cheering you on at every milestone.

The Ride gives cyclists of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to support breakthroughs that transform the lives of people with T1D, until there is a cure.

With a variety of packages to help reach your fundraising goals, great prizes and a supportive community, Breakthrough T1D Ride is the perfect event to challenge yourself, your community and make a direct impact on those living with T1D.        

Tommy Short, one of the Ride Coaches for the Kansas & Missouri Chapter, shared why he loves Ride and would love to help you achieve your Ride goals!

“My name is Tommy Short and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1985. Our youngest son was diagnosed at 6 years old in 2012. My sister-in-law soon followed at the age of 32. I am invested in helping to end this disease and make it easier for us to live with having it! 

For me, Breakthrough T1D Ride wins above all other ways our family has supported Breakthrough T1D. I was born and raised on the notion that bikes equal freedom, and frankly, still believe that. They also change lives and build stronger communities – so why wouldn’t you use your bike to help us move the needle toward our mission of ending this disease. 

Ride means you stay involved and engaged for a longer period of time. You train with a local group of rides for about 12 weeks. You set personal goals and fundraise the entire time. Your friends and family see what you’re willing to do and achieve in order to meet those goals, through the time on your bike. When you line up on the start line, you’re surrounded by hundreds of others who have done the same. It’s quite moving and unforgettable. 

It is hard to put into words, why I love ride. Join me this year and find out why we have so many repeat riders!”

Join Tommy, the Kansas & Missouri Ride Team and a whole community of Breakthrough T1D riders for the 2022 Breakthrough T1D Ride when registration opens on January 19 at 11 am CT at!