Community Speaker Series: Nan Borchardt

February 16, 2021
7:00 pm

“Ohh…PLEASE Tell us Something New About Diabetes, Blood Sugars and Food!”

As a kid growing up with type 1 diabetes, Nan hated talking to people who had RD behind their names – “It was like they never had EVER walked in our T1D shoes.”

Spend this hour learning about some of the “tricks of the trade” from a professional who knows both sides of the diabetes coin – the medical clinician and the patient!

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Some of our topics will include:

The science behind getting your macros (carbs, proteins and fats) figured out so that there are fewer BG “surprises”

Figuring out the relationship between weight gain and insulin resistance and “why?”

CGM and pump “particulars” to limit the frustrated urge to take them out with the trash

How to “cheat” and get away with it when making food choices …(without gaining a ton of weight and messing up the A1c)

Participate in some fun application polls to check out your understanding of “Smart Choices”


About Nan Borchardt

Nan Borchardt (burk-hart) is the president and founder of NutritionWerks, Inc., which has delivered a variety of diabetes and Functional Medicine Nutrition educational services to the Midwest region since 1985.

She has devoted 35 years of her professional career as a Diabetes Educator and 38 years as a Registered Dietitian – in fact, she was in the very first class of “official” Diabetes Educators in Kansas City way back in 1986.

Nan has been a frequent medical nutrition resource for a number of local newspaper, radio and TV programs.  She is a published author and has undergraduate degrees both in pre medicine and biochemistry and extensive graduate coursework from the KU Med Center in clinical nutrition.

COVID-19 has had a real impact upon Nan’s outdoor road bike miles this past year. For the prior 14 years, a typical year’s mileage would have been 5000 miles each year.   Feeling that she couldn’t risk a potential ER visit due to a “accident” out on the roads, she spent ALL of 2020 riding indoors on a “smart” trainer using the Zwift app.  Now spending 10 to 12 hours each week on Zwift, Nan has discovered a HUGE Type 1 Diabetes community of over 400 international cyclists – who ALL know about T1D and Breakthrough T1D!

Diagnosed with type 1 diabets at the age of 5 (now 55 years ago), Nan has been involved with Breakthrough T1D’s Ride for a Cure bicycle events 3 times –  once in Austin Texas another in Whitefish Montana near Glacier National Park, and lastly, another 100 mile bicycle event in Amelia Island Florida to raise funds for Breakthrough T1D.  She’s been an insulin pump wearer since 1990 and, with a little encouragement, has been Looping for about 18 months with Dexcom and OmniPod.   Nan is also an avid golfer, an open water certified SCUBA diver and Mom to several Fur Babies. She and her husband Paul are the proud parents of 2 kids that they adopted from former Soviet orphanages in 1993 and who are both now done with Graduate School, onto good careers, raising kids and off of Nan and Paul’s payroll. Life is GOOD!

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