Breakthrough T1D Beta Society

Many donors discover the ultimate way to support Breakthrough T1D research is by including a gift in their will, trust or retirement account. Donors who make this important commitment to Breakthrough T1D are invited to become a Breakthrough T1D BETA Society member, a group of supporters who have made a lasting commitment to T1D research by naming Breakthrough T1D in their estate plans.

Breakthrough T1D has received more than $100 million from contributions so generously included in the estate plans of thousands of supporters. Without this generosity, significant research instrumental to tremendous progress toward better treatments and a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D) would not have been funded. Today, there are more than 2,300 BETA Society members. But with so much to be done to find new treatments and a cure for T1D, we need to keep moving forward!

You’re invited to become a Breakthrough T1D BETA Society Member

By joining the BETA Society, you will help ensure Breakthrough T1D’s work continues until our mission is accomplished. To become a BETA Society member, you simply need to include Breakthrough T1D in your estate plans and let us know by completing the member profile form. Becoming a BETA Society member allows us to thank you and honor you as a visionary supporter who will provide the present and future financial energy needed for diabetes research. Your involvement in the Breakthrough T1D BETA Society may also inspire generosity in others!

Benefits of Membership

  • Invitations to research update events
  • A distinctive lapel pin
  • Listing in Breakthrough T1D publications (unless anonymity is preferred)

Requirements to Join

  • Communicate Breakthrough T1D is a beneficiary in estate plans
  • No minimum commitment (you do not need to disclose amount)