Art in Action: San Francisco Teen Cia Brady Illuminates the Global Impact of T1D

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Meet Cia Brady— a young San Francisco artist making a difference. Cia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 14. Now 18, she’s harnessing her artistic talent to shine a light on T1D’s global impact.

Drawing inspiration from the T1D Index, a groundbreaking tool that maps the impact of T1D around the world, Cia’s upcoming exhibit, “Painting for Change,” unveils a vivid narrative of countries where living with T1D is a profound challenge.

“To demonstrate the full scope of this disease, I have painted 45 paintings of various countries where living with T1D is a nearly impossible struggle.

There are children who look at these views every day, and to them, the mountains and valleys reflect not natural beauty, but the turmoil of their own blood sugar.”

– Cia Brady

Cia has been painting for about 7 years, focusing primarily on landscapes in acrylic. Years ago, she saw someone painting, thought “I can do that” and decided to teach herself.

Join Cia at her art opening “Painting for Change” on March 22 in San Francisco:

Friday, March 22
6:00PM – 8:00PM PDT
540 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94118
RSVP here.

About The T1D Index

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