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  • 15% off and 15% of purchase price benefits Breakthrough T1D with SCOTTeVEST


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    SCOTTeVEST launches partnership with Breakthrough T1D to increase awareness and support mission to improve lives and find cures for type 1 diabetes. SCOTTeVEST has a full line of clothing designed to make life easier by enabling you to effortlessly carry all the items people impacted by T1D need and want to help them live their best life.

    Here is how it works:

    When customers use coupon code JDRF15 at checkout, not only will they get 15% off their purchase, SCOTTeVEST will donate 15% of the sale to Breakthrough T1D. Click here to see products.

    In 2000, SCOTTeVEST became the first e-commerce, direct-to-consumer clothing company in the world. Since then, they engineered smart clothing featuring strategically-placed pockets that provide quick and convenient access to your personal belongings at any time. Whatever your trade, hobby or passion, SCOTTeVEST keeps whatever you need secure, organized and close at hand. Here is what people living with T1D have said about their products:

    “As a hiker and sailor, it is exciting to find comfortable clothing that meets my needs to carry all my necessary diabetes gear.” – Claudia

    “Love all the pockets! Well-designed clothing that allows me to carry all my diabetes supplies with me all the time.” – Robert

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