Volunteer of the Month



Each month, the Breakthrough T1D Southwest Ohio staff recognizes a special volunteer who goes above and beyond in supporting the chapter and is a positive ambassador for the organization.


June 2020 Volunteer of the Month
Heather Kennell

Heather Kennell first got involved with the Breakthrough T1D Southwest Ohio chapter about two years ago after her son, Connor, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 22. Her first introduction to Breakthrough T1D was through the Breakthrough T1D One Walk Kings Island. Heather says, “It was an amazing experience, and Connor found a sense of peace and security after seeing so many people living life with T1D.” That year, just Heather and Connor attended the walk, but she knew after that she wanted to do more with Breakthrough T1D. “After that day, I wanted to get involved, so I volunteered to set up for the Bourbon & BowTie Bash. Then the next year, I added preparation for the gala.” This year, Heather really stepped up her involvement with the Cincinnatians of the Year Gala. She says “This year, I wanted to do as much to help out as I could knowing the gala wasn’t going to happen in person, so I focused really hard on getting donations and getting friends and family to join in on the virtual gala.” Because of Heather’s helped, the virtual auction alone this year raised over $50,000 for type 1 diabetes research. In her free time Heather enjoys working out, walking her two Goldendoodles, helping her adult children with home projects, traveling and more. Her best advice for newly diagnosed families? “Reach out to the people at Breakthrough T1D. Go to the classes, functions, and get involved. I have learned a lot and am grateful for this foundation!” Thank you so much, Heather, for all you do for Breakthrough T1D and the T1D community!

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