Breakthrough T1D Mississippi Car Tag

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Thanks to legislation passed earlier this year, you will soon be able to put a Breakthrough T1D specialty tag on your car.  That means everywhere you go, you will be helping to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and of the critical need to fund the research necessary to turn type one into type none.

Breakthrough T1D needs at least 100 people to apply for these specialty tags so that we can get them into production.  The great news is that $24 from every car tag sold is donated back to our local Breakthrough T1D chapter right here in Mississippi.  So, you are not only raising awareness of the need to find a cure, you are helping to fund it as well!

To be one of those first 100 people with a Breakthrough T1D Mississippi specialty car tag, complete the application and return it with your $33 right away.  We do not just have to imagine a world without type 1 diabetes, we can take steps to make it a reality.  Click the link below to access the application.

Application for Breakthrough T1D Special Tag

Please mail your completed application & payment of $33 made out to Breakthrough T1D to:

Breakthrough T1D . 2630 Southerland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216

click here for Specialty Car Tag Frequently Asked Questions

contact Michelle Reza at or  (601) 981-1184 with additional questions