About our evolved brand

We are powering a global movement to prioritize what the T1D community needs now and next.

Meet our evolved brand: Breakthrough T1D 

The organization powering T1D breakthroughs past, present and future 

After two years of research and feedback from the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, we’re excited to introduce you to Breakthrough T1D. We are bringing our 50+ year history with us, while aligning our brand with who we are today—the leading global T1D organization working to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent, and treat T1D and its complications.  

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Read more about this evolution and how you can be part of the movement to cure T1D and make everyday life better for the people who face it. 

Over the course of our 50+ year history, our organization, community, and T1D science have evolved. People with T1D are living healthier, longer lives thanks to the life-changing research, access, and educational breakthroughs we’ve advanced together. 

A condition that was once diagnosed as Juvenile Diabetes (the “JD” in JDRF) is now medically known as type 1 diabetes (T1D) and impacts all ages and stages of life.  

Our new brand reflects who we are today and the future breakthroughs we’re pursuing for the T1D community. No matter where you or a loved one is in their T1D journey, we are here for you. Our new purpose statement says it best:  
As we drive toward curing type 1 diabetes, we help make everyday life better for the people who face it. 

Data and insights from our community guided us every step of the way. 

As an organization grounded in science and community, we knew we needed to take a scientific- and community-centric approach to evolving our brand.  

That’s why we surveyed thousands of people who live with T1D, their caregivers, researchers, healthcare professionals and industry leaders to inform this change. We did that through both quantitative and qualitative methods–using in-person feedback and data from surveys to our community.  

Our logo and visual identity evoke breakthroughs, both big and small for the T1D community.  

Our new name physically breaks through a burst in the color of diabetes awareness: blue.  
Inclusive imagery, energetic colors and exacting fonts represent our visionary, powerful, precise organization and kind, diverse, strong community.  

Our name and look have changed, but our mission has not! We are executing an ambitious plan to drive cures, and our job won’t be done until everyone can take their diabetes devices off for good.” 

Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D.  

Breakthrough T1D CEO

My parents were among the original founders of this organization, and I’ve spent the last 50 years watching the progress that has been made. I have every confidence that we’re going to stand on the shoulders of those giants as we move forward and we take things to the next level. ” 

Lisa Fishbone Wallack   

International Board of Directors Chair-Elect and Founding Family Member

The biggest breakthrough that I think we’re so close to is insulin affordability. It would be awesome to know no matter what happens, we will all have uninhibited access to insulin.”

Natalie Stanback

Volunteer Leader, 2023 Children’s Congress Chair

The timing is right. If my parents were alive today, they would be standing beside me saying, ‘This is the right time, the right thing to do.’ We need to change the name—we need to further breakthroughs.”

Jim Lurie, Esq.

Global Board Member and Founding Family Member