Global health equity initiatives

Through our work, the global scope and impact of T1D is becoming clearer. Spearheading projects like the Type 1 Diabetes Index for worldwide T1D data and Breakthrough T1D Early Detection for advancing general population screening globally helps us shed light on the condition and connect our global community.

We are investing in clinical and patient-centered awareness campaigns to increase T1D diagnosis. We are funding projects to develop ways to increase diagnoses in low-income countries—specifically, the parts of Africa with the highest global death rates at diagnosis.

We are connecting and collaborating with local leaders in India—where the biggest gaps in access to basic care are experienced—to bring affordable insulin and test strips to local communities.

We are building the human, scientific, and economic case for device adoption and sharing it in the U.S. and across our international affiliate footprint (Austrailia, Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, and the UK) so they can advocate for devices like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to be covered by insurance or national health systems.

Empowered with data from the T1D Index, we are driving more and better-leveraged investments in T1D research and care through partnerships with international organizations including the World Health Organization, UNICEF, International Diabetes Federation, and World Diabetes Fund, among others.

Meet Estrela

Estrela is 13 years old and lives in Mozambique. She lives with T1D.

Like 70% of the people in her country, Estrela doesn’t have electricity, so she stores her insulin in a hole in the ground at her grandmother’s house to keep it cool.

Because Estrela doesn’t have a glucometer to measure her blood sugar, it’s very difficult for her to manage her T1D—she was recently in the hospital for a month because of sores on her feet. She hasn’t been able to return to school since her diagnosis because of the sores. Breakthrough T1D and the Non-Communicable Diseases and Injuries (NCDI) Poverty Network provided Estrela with a glucometer and test strips. Now, instead of worrying about growing up healthy, she’s planning on growing up and becoming a nurse or doctor.

NCDI poverty doctor Apoorva, Estrella’s mom, Estrella, and Breakthrough T1D CEO Aaron Kowalski in Maputo
NCDI poverty doctor Apoorva, Estrela’s mom, Estrela, and Breakthrough T1D CEO Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., in Maputo.

Advancing global health equity

Breakthrough T1D is leading collaborative efforts with key global partners to change lives for the international T1D community by ensuring all people have access to screening, insulin, treatment, and devices.

Learn about how many people around the world live with T1D and rates of diagnosis.  

Our key partners in improving the lives of people with T1D on the way to finding cures. 

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