Your T1D resource guides

A look at the most common T1D complications and ways they can be prevented or reduced.

The latest information about disaster and emergency situations that could affect members of the T1D community located in the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tips to help you work out safely with T1D.

Learning about nutrition is an important part of managing your blood-glucose levels, your insulin doses, and your overall health.

Our health insurance guide helps you navigate prior authorizations, denials, appeals, applying for an exception, and more.

Resources to help you manage your mental health with T1D. 

Having a child or a partner with T1D can be hard at times. We have resources to help along the way.

Starting a family is an exciting time! We have helpful resources for every step of your pregnancy journey. 

Support and resources to help you and your child succeed, from preschool through college!

How to manage sick days safely with T1D.

Traveling with T1D can present some extra challenges. Preparation is key! 

What you need to know about your workplace rights as a person with T1D.

Help with costs

This section of our insurance guide outlines options for getting help with insulin costs and T1D management device costs, depending on which type of insurance you have or if you are uninsured.

T1D daily management

For people living with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers, managing T1D is a big part of daily life. There are three keys to managing T1D: checking blood sugar, administering insulin, and counting carbohydrates. Learn what you need to know about all three. In addition, learn about T1D technologies, such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), artificial pancreas systems, and smart insulin pens and caps, and how they can help you or your loved one manage T1D. 

Choosing your healthcare providers

Finding the right team of healthcare providers to help you manage your T1D is very important. Healthcare providers may vary substantially in their experience with and approach to treating people with type 1 diabetes. Clinics also vary—some may be more suited to your needs than others. Consult our checklist for some tips to help you find the team that best meets your needs.     

Ask questions about T1D

The Breakthrough T1D Community Forum is our vibrant social network for people with T1D, their families, and friends. The site is created for—and powered by—the T1D community. Members of this diverse and lively community exchange information, answers, and support. Anyone over 13 can sign up, connect with others, and join the conversation.