Daily management of type 1 diabetes

Managing T1D involves three main steps: checking blood sugar, administering insulin, and counting carbohydrates.

Learn the basics

Girl with type 1 diabetes checking her blood sugar before eating.
Checking blood sugar

Blood-sugar levels need to be checked frequently during the day and overnight.

<a href="/administering-insulin">Administering </a><a href="https://www.breakthrought1d.org/daily-management/administering-insulin/">Insulin</a>
Administering Insulin

A person with T1D can take insulin through injections, pumps, inhalers, or automated insulin delivery systems.

Young woman at the grocery store
Counting carbohydrates

People with T1D must balance the amount of carbs they consume with the right dose of insulin.

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Get support

Connect with people from all over the world who are managing T1D in their own way. Find your local chapter, attend an event, or join an online community summit!