Join our advocacy movement

We work with national decision-makers to address issues that impact the T1D community.

Advocacy powers progress

When it comes to improving the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), advocacy is an incredibly important part of our work.

By using your voice, you can advance breakthroughs by championing federally-funded T1D research, drive progress by ensuring critical medical advancements and resources swiftly reach the T1D community, and improve everyday life with T1D by supporting policies that help prevent, manage, and treat T1D—while advancing toward cures. 

Ways to get involved

Engage with Members of Congress

Breakthrough T1D Advocates are always fighting for the T1D community. Let your Members of Congress know how they can help the T1D community today.

Together We Can

Together We Can connects our grassroots Advocates with Members of Congress to advance our key issues. Advocacy leaders from all over the country meet in the Members’ home states—bringing together local individuals and families—to share their personal connections to T1D articulating the emotional, financial, and physical costs of the disease and encouraging support for our positions. 

Children’s Congress

Delegates ages 4-17 selected from the across the country and our international affiliates travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with key decision-makers to share their experiences of life with T1D and advance issues that are important to our community.  

Young Adult Advocacy Council

The Young Adult Advocacy Council (YAAC) is a group of young adults who are business professionals, community leaders, and engaged students who actively support the advancement of Breakthrough T1D’s advocacy agenda. 

What is grassroots advocacy?

Writing Members of Congress and other key decision-makers through our campaigns and initiatives.

Meeting with lawmakers and their staff.

Telling our stories of living with T1D.

Inspiring others to use their voices.

Insulin affordability 

All people with T1D should have affordable access to insulin, which they need to take multiple times a day to survive. No one should suffer or die because they cannot afford insulin.  

Breakthrough T1D is committed to working with all relevant stakeholders—including insulin manufacturers, health insurance providers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and employers—to achieve insulin affordability without stifling innovation. 

Special Diabetes Program 

The Special Diabetes Program (SDP) provides $150 million annually for T1D research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the country’s premier medical research agency. The SDP complements Breakthrough T1D’s research efforts. 

To date, the SDP has dedicated nearly $3.4 billion to critical research. It has delivered real breakthroughs to this community, including artificial pancreas systems, the first therapy to delay T1D onset, and more. Ensuring continued SDP funding is Breakthrough T1D’s top legislative priority.

Breakthrough T1D Advocates have changed what it means to live with this condition. They’ve secured billions in federal funding for T1D research, improved access to lifesaving therapies, and are driving cures. Join us and help make T1D history.”

Laura Whitton

Breakthrough T1D VP, Government Relations & Grassroots Advocacy