Breakthrough T1D TypeOneNation Summit Boston 2024

March 23, 2024, Boston, MA
8:30 am - 3:00 pm


Join us for our annual educational summit that brings together all within the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. Learn about research advances, participate in discussions with experts, and meet others living with T1D. Educational sessions will be focused on T1D care and management, and will be geared for different audiences. Registration is now open.










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Boston Marriott Copley Place

A group rate of $269/night (plus taxes) is available for traditional overnight rooms. Reservations must be made by Friday, March 1, 2024. Please contact Phyllis Kaplan directly at 617-631-3802 or for more information on lodging options at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

The Boston Marriott Copley Place ( is located at 110 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116. Parking is available at the Copley Place Garage (, adjacent to the hotel.  Valet may also be available.  

Additional parking options include: Prudential Center Garage (,  Hynes Auditorium Garage (, 126 Dartmouth Street Garage (,  and the Garage at 100 Clarendon (      

The hotel is also accessible via public transportation (

110 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

More Info

Join us for a free one-day, in-person, educational summit event, bringing together all within the T1D community. Learn about research advances, participate in discussions with experts, and meet others living with or caring for someone with T1D. Educational sessions will be focused on T1D care and management and will be geared for different audiences. The summit will also include a vendor fair featuring industry and community partners, as well as Youth and Teen Programming. Pre-registration is required for the Breakthrough T1D TypeOneNation Summit Boston by Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at noon EDT. We cannot accept walk-in registrations the day of the event.

We are excited to host Youth and Teen Programming this year! 

Our Youth and Teen program is open for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. This program will host children living with T1D and their siblings. Volunteers will lead activities and support your child(ren) as needed. Children can expect various activities, crafts, games, and much more!

Youth and Teen Programming will be offered at the same time as the keynote and educational sessions during the summit.  

 Breakthrough T1D staff and volunteers, including licensed healthcare providers, are not permitted to treat high or low blood sugar. Parents / Caregivers will be contacted if their child needs help with their T1D management during the program. 

Keynote Address | Press Your Luck: Diabetes Edition – Living Well and Avoiding Whammies

Join us for an engaging and entertaining keynote presentation featuring Stacey Simms and Kerri Sparling, two dynamic advocates who bring insight and diabetes lived experience to the stage. With Stacey Simms, host of the award-winning podcast “Diabetes Connections,” and Kerri Sparling, author and creator of the popular blog “Six Until Me,” this keynote promises a lively discussion that goes beyond the ordinary. The duo will bring you on a candid and humorous exploration of the intersection between diabetes management and everyday adventures. Their unique blend of storytelling, wit and invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of navigating life’s unpredictable twists will help you discover practical strategies for avoiding and/or dealing with “diabetes whammies.” 

Stacey Simms, Broadcaster, Author, Producer; Mom of Son Diagnosed with T1D in December 2006 and Kerri Sparling, Writer, Author, and Blogger; Living with T1D since 1986

Educational Sessions

Attendees will have the choice of attending two of the following eight educational sessions.

  • Ask the Diabetes Specialists | “Ask the Diabetes Specialists” is your exclusive pass at the summit to delve into the intricacies of T1D. This session will focus on answering your pressing questions—whether it’s understanding daily challenges or seeking insights into the nuances of type 1 diabetes. Participate in our interactive Q+A, where Dr. Garvey, joined by a colleague from Boston Children’s Hospital, will share T1D related insights and tips. Seize this opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge directly from the experts. Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Anyone with T1D Looking for a Refresher
  • Building Resilience: Preventing Burnout | We know there are no days off from T1D, so how do we manage the emotional highs and lows of living with this disease? In this session, Dr. Caruso will offer her expertise and discuss practical tips and tricks that build resilience and help navigate diabetes-related burnout. Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Anyone with T1D
  • From Tiny Steps to Big Leaps: Fostering Independence in Kids with Type 1 from Toddler to Teen | In this insightful session, Stacey explores the intricate journey of parenting a child with diabetes, emphasizing the delicate balance between fostering independence, ensuring optimal diabetes care and nurturing mental health. Through stories and invaluable “been-there” advice, she unfolds her and her husband’s transformation from initially doing everything for their two-year-old with diabetes to adopting a hands-off approach by senior year of high school. Stacey provides a roadmap for parents, shedding light on the nuanced process of empowering their child to manage diabetes independently, addressing both medical and mental health aspects. This session serves as a beacon of hope, offering practical insights and strategies for cultivating resilience and emotional well-being, showcasing the transformative power of adaptability and unwavering parental support.  Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers
  • Living Mindfully with T1D (PM ONLY) | Join Sarah Petti for a session focused on cultivating mindfulness while managing T1D. This interactive workshop will delve into practical strategies and approaches to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily life, empowering you to navigate the challenges of T1D with resilience and awareness. You’ll learn how mindfulness can positively impact your relationship with T1D and discover ways to reduce stress, enhance self-care, and foster a more compassionate approach toward yourself while managing this condition. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with T1D for years, this session aims to provide valuable tools and insights to help you thrive, fostering a balanced and mindful lifestyle amidst the complexities of type 1 diabetes.  Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Anyone with T1D
  • Navigating T1D and Exercise | Navigating T1D and exercise can be overwhelming. In this session, exercise physiologist, Jacqueline Shahar, will address these challenges and demystify the complexities of T1D and physical activity. She will provide practical strategies that aim to simplify the science behind managing insulin and blood glucose levels while working out, and participants will be invited to join in the discussion by delving into a real-life case study that offers insights into effective management strategies. Let’s navigate the challenges together in this interactive and informative session. Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Anyone with T1D
  • T1D: All Grown Up | Managing blood sugar is one thing but being a bona fide adult with diabetes is a wild ride. Join advocate and longtime person with diabetes, Kerri Sparling, for an interactive discussion about the issues that adults with T1D are facing, from pregnancy and parenting to navigating insurance coverage, diabetes disclosure, and long-term effects of life with diabetes. All questions are good questions—let’s connect and be grown-ups together.  Intended Audience: Adults (18+) Living with T1D / Parents and Caregivers of Adults Living with T1D
  • Taking T1D to College | The transition to college requires a lot of time and preparation for students and their families. Add in managing diabetes and it can feel downright overwhelming for everyone. That’s where The Diabetes Link comes in! Diabetes Link members from Boston College, Brown University, and Simmons University will share their insights on peer support and community. They’ll discuss accommodations, dorm life, handling sick days, and navigating social situations like talking to roommates and partying. The session will also touch on setting boundaries with parents and caregivers and managing the transition of medical care.  Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Teens Living with T1D
  • The Quest for a T1D Cure: Why Clinical Trials and Screening Matter (AM ONLY) | Join this session to learn about Breakthrough T1D’s mission to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. This session focuses on clinical trials and T1D risk screening and the impact both programs have on prevention and cure research. Amanda has participated in many clinical trials as both she and her daughter, Emmie, live with T1D. Amanda’s vast clinical trial experience includes device, medication, behavioral, observational, and prevention trials. Amanda’s 4-year-old son, Callen has been participating in T1D screening since age 2. Intended Audience: Parents and Caregivers / Adults Living with T1D

For more information on frequently asked questions please view or download this helpful document: Breakthrough T1D TypeOneNation Summit Boston 2024 FAQs.

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