Breakthrough T1D Game2Give is an international program that explores philanthropic opportunities within the multibillion dollar video game industry. One of these opportunities is livestream fundraising—a modern spin on the all-day telethons that used to air on TV. Instead of celebrities performing and volunteers taking donations over the phone, the performances happen on streaming platforms like Twitch and donations are made online.

On July 1, Breakthrough T1D Game2Give launched Game Over, T1D, a livestream fundraiser that will continue through 2021. Thanks to a big fundraising push August 7­–16, Game Over, T1D surpassed its initial $50,000 event goal and has already raised almost $64,000. 

Many of our Game Over, T1D fundraisers were featured on the front page of during their August charity streams.

During our August 7­–16 fundraiser, more than sixty people, most of whom have type 1 diabetes (T1D) or a T1D connection, took to Twitch to rally their communities, talk about their experiences and raise money for life-changing research. Some of them shared their stories for a kick-off broadcast on the Breakthrough T1D Twitch channel:

We want to introduce you to some of our superstar streamers who made an incredible impact during the event:

ResurrectionFern—raised $6,040 playing original music and covers 

ResurrectionFern, who makes her living as an indie musician on Twitch, was diagnosed with T1D about eight years ago, when she was seven weeks pregnant.

“There is no history of T1D in my family, so the shock of being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease you know little about was overwhelming,” Fern recalls. “Looking back now, I wouldn’t be who I am, or have the career I have, if it weren’t for my diagnosis. Every day is hard work with this disease, but I’m grateful for the blessings that came along with the pain. However, now I feel like I’ve learned enough, and I am ready to fight for a world without type 1!”

ResurrectionFern’s song “Hope,” written in honor of Breakthrough T1D after our first livestream fundraiser last November, is available on Spotify.

CalebratedGamer—raised $4,660 playing The Walking Dead and other games

CalebratedGamer’s Game Over, T1D fundraiser started a few weeks early, when he streamed The Walking Dead in support of a Humble Bundle that benefitted Breakthrough T1D. His charity streams are done in memory of his friend Blac Hughes, who had T1D.

“I met my best friend Blac when I was in first grade and he was in kindergarten. We were best friends and ‘brothers’ for eighteen years,” CalebratedGamer explains. “When his T1D caused him to fall in a diabetic coma in 2017, I had to say goodbye to him forever. I continue to raise money and fight so others don’t have to experience that pain.”

CalebratedGamer’s series of Walking Dead game streams will continue on August 28. When he reaches his $5,000 goal, he’ll get a tattoo in Blac’s honor.

VirtuallyMarti—raised $3,298 playing Pokémon games

When VirtuallyMarti was diagnosed in her early twenties, “it was a massive shock as I knew very little about diabetes and I have no family history of the disease.”

The August fundraiser was Marti’s first time doing a charity stream, and she surprised herself by blowing past her original $1,000 goal early in the week. Her boyfriend, Joe, agreed to shave his head if she hit $2,500—and she blew past that goal, too.

“I’m raising money for Breakthrough T1D because I want a world without type 1 diabetes,” Marti says. “A lot has changed and groundbreaking research has happened even in the short time I’ve been a diabetic, thanks to Breakthrough T1D. There will be a time when type 1 diabetes is less of an inconvenience, with technology and medical breakthroughs and hopefully one day a cure.”

Breakthrough T1D Game2Give’s next livestream fundraiser will take place in November during National Diabetes Awareness Month. In the meantime, anyone can do an independent charity stream by setting up a campaign on our Tiltify page.

If you’re interested in livestreaming for Breakthrough T1D, we encourage you to sign up for Game Over, T1D email alerts and to connect with the Breakthrough T1D Game2Give team over emailTwitter, or Discord.

Thank you to all of our streamers who made our August event a success!