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Young Leadership Committee (YLC)

The Young Leadership Committee (YLC) NorCal is a group of local young adults (21+) dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Breakthrough T1D to advance research and support for those affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D). The committee facilitates unique fundraising and social opportunities that not only benefit Breakthrough T1D but also enrich our members’ professional and personal lives. We hope you will join us!

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Who We Are and What We Do

The YLC is committed to making a difference through Breakthrough T1D. We focus on raising awareness and funding for groundbreaking research to combat type 1 diabetes (T1D) and supporting those affected by it. 

Members participate in quarterly meetings where each voice helps shape the future of our events and initiatives. Members are given the chance to brainstorm, lead, collaborate, and succeed in supporting Breakthrough T1D’s vital work. The YLC also serves as a hub for networking, building lasting friendships, and fostering deeper engagement through our regular social gatherings, volunteer events, and online communication forum.

More Than Fundraising: Building a Support Network

Our dedication goes beyond just raising funds. The Young Leadership Committee in Northern California (YLC NorCal) plays a critical role in Breakthrough T1D’s commitment to providing comprehensive support—socially, emotionally, and practically—to those facing the daily realities of T1D. We have two primary goals: first, to serve as a source of support and connection for individuals directly dealing with T1D, and second, to foster wider involvement with Breakthrough T1D by demonstrating the tangible impact of volunteerism.

Join Us

Ready to make a difference? For more info on joining YLC NorCal and helping advance our cause, reach out at:

Current Initiatives

  1. T1D Teen Connect: Teen Connect, a program run by the Breakthrough T1D YLC NorCal chapter, opens a virtual door for teenagers grappling with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Held monthly, this interactive Zoom gathering creates a safe space moderated by current YLC members where teens can connect and discuss their experiences, frustrations, and triumphs while living with T1D. It isn’t just about managing diabetes – it’s a vibrant and supportive community that encourages sharing personal tips, tricks, and life hacks to improve daily life. Aside from diabetes-focused discussions, our sessions often veer into more lighthearted territory, touching on school activities, hobbies, and everyday teenager experiences. Teen Connect is more than a support group; it’s a network of shared understanding, built to ensure that among peers, no teen with T1D ever feels alone. It’s not just about navigating the hardships, it’s about celebrating the joys of teenage life, too!
  2. Walktoberfest: Walktoberfest, one of YLC’s primary fundraisers for the Breakthrough T1D One Walk, NorCal, provides the chance to invite family and friends to discover more about Breakthrough T1D while having some fun! Previous Walktoberfest events have taken place at Stagecoach Greens and Fort Mason. 
  3. Coffee and Connection: This is an opportunity for YLC’ers to take out a new member to the group and offer a personalized one-on-one welcome introduction to YLC. Initiated by YLC and sponsored by Breakthrough T1D this is meant to offer a sense of community and create a deeper connection for our new members in order for them to become committed to and excited about YLC, Breakthrough T1D, and the diabetic community.
  4. Regular Social Events: Our regular social events, including monthly get-togethers like happy hours, coffee mornings, and workout classes, offer a fantastic way to connect and unwind with fellow YLC members. We also organize two highlight events during the year–a Winter Holiday Party and a Summer Picnic, perfect opportunities to celebrate our achievements and enjoy the company of other T1Ds. 
  5. Fundraiser Events: In addition to Walktoberfest, YLC organizes multiple fundraiser events a year. Past fundraisers include sponsored workout classes, charity concerts, and charity “bartender” nights. All members are invited to contribute ideas, organize activities, and participate by inviting family and friends to attend! 
  6. Volunteer events: In addition to organizing YLC-specific fundraisers, YLC members also volunteer at Breakthrough T1D events, including Tee to Table, Breakthrough T1D Hope Gala, One Walk, charity dinners, and more.

Engage & Learn

  1. Become a Member: Dive in by signing up! Learn how to connect with us here and follow us on Instagram.  
  2. Event Calendar: Discover our upcoming fundraising and social events (COMING SOON). 

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