“Why Breakthrough T1D. Why I Walk”


Meet the Nevada Chapter’s Walk Family Team Chair, Alexis Newell!
Alexis’ involvement expands beyond personal reasons and her commitment is unwavering. 

“Why Breakthrough T1D. Why I Walk”

Seems like an easy enough answer doesn’t it? Her son has type 1 diabetes, so she walks for a cure, but the truth is it is so much more than that.  First let me introduce myself.  I am Alexis, the proud mama of 2 boys, one of whom was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just four days after turning six.  I am also the wife of a type 2, daughter of a type 2 and granddaughter of a type 1.  I am part of the Diabetes Online Community (Facebook, Twitter, DSMA, You Can Do This Project and more), and I blog about diabetes at www.JusticesMisbehavingPancreas.blogspot.com.  I have found my purpose through my sons’ diagnosis, and part of that is raising money for Breakthrough T1D and being involved in the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Diabetes has been in my life since I was just a little older than my children’s current age.  I didn’t know much about it.  All I knew was that my grandma took shots, and weighed her food, oh yeah, and checked her blood sugar.  It seemed like a hassle, but simple enough.  It wasn’t until my own child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that I truly understood the complexity of the disease, and I am still learning new things even after four years.

I found Breakthrough T1D about a year after my son was diagnosed.  I called the office and wanted to sign up for the Walk.  I wanted to be there because my child had diabetes, and I wanted to support him.  I knew that I wanted to see a cure in his lifetime, and according to Breakthrough T1D that was what they were all about.

After the first Walk I was hooked.  Breakthrough T1D was it for me.  They were so much more than just an organization focused on finding a cure.  Not that a cure is not important, because it is; after all, it’s what us parents dream of when we go to sleep and wish for when we first wake up.  But there is more.  There is hope.  Beyond a cure.  My child is nine, but he was six when he was diagnosed.  They grow up.  They get older.  He will not always be a child with diabetes, but an adult with diabetes.  And if that cure isn’t found by the age of say twenty-one do I lose hope?  Do I cry because his life is over?  The answer is NO because there is life with diabetes.  A beautiful one at that!

Breakthrough T1D not only funds research for a cure, but for better technologies, like the pump and CGM my son is so blessed to wear.  They are working towards a better life with OR without a cure.  And THAT is why I Walk.  THAT is why I support Breakthrough T1D with every fiber of my being.  My child is going to grow up, have dreams, a career, a family and a LIFE. I want him to know that even if he has this disease he can still live a full, successful, and wonderful one, like so many of the adults with type 1 diabetes I have grown to know and love.  Which brings me to another reason I support Breakthrough T1D.

Age is not relevant.  I have people in my life who have diabetes all from different age groups.  As young as two and as old as eighty-five, with loads in between.  Each and everyone of them deserves hope.  They deserve better insulin, more accurate meters, the artificial pancreas, and when it comes the CURE.  I want it for everyone.  For my child, my grandma, my husband and all of my friends and their loved ones.

Breakthrough T1D is about teamwork, family, and support.  They encompass everything an organization should.  My son (and I) have made friends.  Friends who are living the same life, who are working towards the same goals, and who let us know that they get it.  Breakthrough T1D has become our family.

Back to the question,  why do I walk?


Their mission is MY mission.   A better quality of life for people with diabetes and ultimately a CURE.  Now that you know why, will you Walk with me?

Register to Walk today by visiting walk.jdrf.org.  Set a fundraising goal and help be a part of the Breakthrough T1D family, the organization that is making a difference in our lives.


With Hope for Our Loved Ones and Friends,

Alexis Newell
Breakthrough T1D Nevada Chapter Family Team Chair