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In the latest edition of Life with Diabetes and Countdown read Kerri Sparling’s article on Keeping Cool: Climate Control for Type 1 Diabetes Management.  Soaring summer temperatures challenge us to keep cool—and the challenge extends to insulin and other type 1 diabetes (T1D) supplies. For ready-to-use tips on how to tame the heat wave for both yourself and your diabetes supplies, read our feature story Keeping Cool.  In sync with the new school year, find out about how one school set a record for a special Breakthrough T1D fundraising event. The students of St. Mark Catholic School in Huntersville, NC, participated in their first Breakthrough T1D Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes—and raised more than $60,000 for T1D research. Read the secrets to their success in Walk This Way. And in our Q&A column, we examine weight fluctuations in the first year after a new diagnosis with T1D—what can cause them and ways to manage them. Increase Your Advocacy IQ by learning what you can do to support the renewal of the critically important Special Diabetes Program.

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