Hope & Health Diabetes Symposium



The third annual Breakthrough T1D Hope and Health Diabetes Symposium will be held February 23, 2013 at Cashman Center.  There is no charge to attend this day long educational conference thanks to a generous grant awarded to Breakthrough T1D by the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation.

Come experience a day filled with inspiring and knowledgeable speakers.  We will have scheduled multiple sessions for a range of age groups and diverse stages of living with diabetes.

Keynotes Presentations Include:

Until There’s A Cure – Benefitting From Modern Treatments & Technologies
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE, Author of Think Like a Pancreas, Owner & Clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services LLC
A humorous look at the evolution of diabetes care, from the “dark ages” to modern day – including management strategies and technological changes.

A Vital Role of Advocacy at Breakthrough T1D
Brian Johnston, Breakthrough T1D Director Grassroots Advocacy
Over the past fifteen years, Breakthrough T1D has helped secure more than $2 billion in federal funding for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, thanks to the hard work of individuals, families, and Breakthrough T1D staff from across the country who want to cure, treat, and prevent diabetes.  We’ll tell you a little bit about the secrets to our success, talk breifly about some of the research progress resulting from these funds, and take a look at what’s on the horizon from Congress in 2013.  Lastly, we’ll show you just how easy we make it for you to be a vital part of Breakthrough T1D Advocacy’s critical efforts – join us, at advocacy.jdrf.org.

JDRF: Improving Lives; Curing Type 1 Diabetes
Dayton Coles , Breakthrough T1D Research Information Volunteer
Dayton will present highlights of Breakthrough T1D’s research programs to improve lives and ultimately cure type 1 diabetes.  He will discuss the current status of such exciting programs as islet cell encapsulation, beta cell regeneration, the artificial pancreas and improved glucose control.  He will also describe the status of current human clinical trials and how you can help accelerate our progress toward a cure.

Everyday Advocates
Kerri Sparling, Diabetes Advocate, Blogger of SixUntilMe.com
Diabetes advocates can make the biggest impact with the smallest efforts.  Kerri Sparling, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986, talks about how people are advocating for diabetes awareness, fundraising, and research across the globe.

Adult Breakout Sessions Include:

Type 1 Diabetes in the School Setting: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Child Goes to School
Kim Rakow, RN, Clark County School District Nurse, Area Supervisor
Lynn Hannsen, RN, Clark County School District Nurse, Diabetes Liaison
Judy Daw, RN, CDE Clark County School District Nurse
All students with type 1 diabetes (T1D) need a strong support network at school to help them properly manage their T1D on a daily basis. Cultivating good relationships with school staff is key.  Your school nurse is on your side and wants to help make your child’s school experience great.  You’ll spend this session with nurses from the Clark County School District discussing how to build a strong partnership with your child’s school in order to create a supportive environment in which he/she can learn and thrive.

Making the Most of Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Gary Scheiner,
 MS, CDE, Author of Think Like a Pancreas, Owner & Clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services LLC
To wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is one thing.  To truly BENEFIT from it is another.  This session focuses on the practical aspects of CGM use, looking at both real-time and retrospective analysis of one’s own data.

Advanced Carb Counting Using Current Insulin Therapies and Medical Technology
Leslie Duerson, MPH, RN, CDE
This presentation will cover how new insulin therapies and medical technology such as continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy can offer more flexibility and improved glucose control at mealtime.

From Discouraged to Encouraged: Yes, You Can Manage Your Diabetes!
Susan Guzman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Director of Clinical Services, Behavioral Diabetes Institute
Hear about the common emotional pitfalls in diabetes management and discuss strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Facebook Saved My Life: Using Social Media to Help Manage a Chronic Illness
Mike Lawson, Diabetes Hands Foundation

Finding connections through social media is sometimes a powerful prescription that can help you manage a chronic illness.  Mike Lawson will explain how social media has helped him manage diabetes and give you tips on how to get involved.

Diabetes and Women’s Issues
Kerri Sparling, Diabetes Advocate, Blogger of SixUntilMe.com
Dr. M. Fariba Rahnema, Valley Endocrinology
A casual, intimate, real discussion about some of the tougher topics that women face but aren’t often comfortable or encouraged to  talk about: menstruation, pregnancy, impact of hormones on blood sugars, and body image.

Finding ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Motivation and Inspiration to Accomplish Remarkable Feats
Eric Tozer, Ironman Triathlete, Endurance Athlete, and Diabetes Ambassador

Diagnosed at 22 years old, Eric has learned to manage and excel as a triathlete with type 1 diabetes.  Completing the Run Across America and the dozens of triathlons he shares his story and how you can do it too.  Get the inside scoop on physical fitness with diabetes and find your inspiration.

A Sweet Life: A Cooking Demo with Sam Talbot
Chef Sam Talbot
Diabetes is an aspect of Sam’s life that is a hard fact, and while he doesn’t let it consume him, it has helped mold him as a person. He is who he is today because of diabetes, and frankly, he says he would not want to have it any other way.  Although a cure for type 1 diabetes is at the forefront of his passions, he is also extremely passionate about his cooking.  Get tasty recipe ideas and see how Bravo’s “Top Chef” semi-finalist, Sam Talbot lives with type 1 diabetes.  He will share his insights and knowledge so you can also indulge in the sweet life.

Kids’ Zone Sessions:

Sessions for children will run simultaneously with the adult sessions and will include yoga, indoor obstacle course, age appropriate diabetes and nutrition education, arts & crafts, and group games.

Vendor Exhibit Hall:

Not only will you be able to learn in a lectures setting, but you will also have the opportunity to view and interact with local diabetes management supply representatives throughout the day.  You’ll be able to learn about the latest products, get samples, and enter into raffles.

A boxed lunch will be provided without charge to all Symposium attendees. 

For More information contact Marcy Arroyave, Breakthrough T1D Outreach Manager 702-418-3101