Congratulations to Chris Forsythe, Breakthrough T1D Nevada Chapter’s First Marathon Participant


Chris Forsythe is a loving uncle – one who would do anything to help his nephew, Tyler, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two.  While Chris knew he couldn’t “fix” Tyler’s diabetes, he did know that he could raise money to support the research focused on finding a cure.  Chris joined Team Breakthrough T1D and registered for the Disney Marathon.

As Chris said, he was taking a step to help Breakthrough T1D.  Not just a step, but many steps!  On Saturday, January 12, Chris participated in his first-ever marathon!  We want to thank Chris for his support and congratulate him on his accomplishment and his fundraising efforts!

Chris’s family was there to cheer him along and his mother,  Connie Elliano, was kind enough to share some thoughts about the day and Chris’s experience.


We’ve all experienced it…the dreaded flu.  You know the feeling, the aches, chills, sinus pressure, pain, and the overwhelming fatigue.  For most of us, we can merely muster the strength to take a shower.  Only to crawl back in bed immediately afterwards.  Like I said…most of us.

For one person, staying in bed was not an option.  My son Chris, an avid runner, had signed up to run the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon in Florida.  It would be his first marathon ever.  Despite the fact he had come down with the the flu a few days before the race, Chris left Nevada for Florida with tissues and medicine in hand and full of determination.  You see, Chris had a goal.  Chris had signed up for the race to raise money and awareness for the Nevada Chapter of Breakthrough T1D.

Chris had a very personal reason for doing so.

It was just before Thanksgiving in 2010, when Tyler’s mother, Nicole, and his great-grandmother (who babysit Ty-Ty, as he’s known by his family and friends) started to notice was suddenly soaking through a lot of diapers…rapidly.  It seemed as if Ty-Ty was constantly thirsty.  These symptoms didn’t set off any alarm bells in the family, because no one in their family had ever had diabetes.  Even still, Nicole knew something didn’t seem right.  Since Ty-Ty was due for a well-baby check up anyway, off to the doctor they went.

Something was wrong.

Tyler’s blood sugar levels were well over 300.  He was immediately transported to the hospital, where he and his family spent Thanksgiving and the next several days trying to get him stabilized.  Ty-Ty had developed type 1 diabetes.  He was only two years old.

During the past two years, Ty-Ty has had to endure so much, but he takes it all like a champ.  While getting a shot (or pricking his finger for a blood sample), can be a terrifying experience for most kids, it has become a daily way to life for Ty-Ty.  He is unable to enjoy simple childhood pleasures, like cookies and treats, freely like the other children.  It’s hard to imagine that something a child eats could endanger his or her life, but that’s the awful truth about type 1 diabetes.

Recognizing that a cure is within reach, Ty-Ty’s family immediately became involved with the Breakthrough T1D.  Nicole, along with several family members, joined the Walk for the Cure Diabetes in honor of Ty-Ty, raising funds for research.  In addition to our family’s involvement in the Walk his cousin, Chris, signed up to run 26.2 miles in honor of Ty-Ty.

With his Breakthrough T1D shirt on, sneakers laced tight, Chris started his run while still battling the flu.  At mile 5, Chris was on pace to finish in the top 15% of his age group.  Unfortunately he began to notice that he was sweating an inordinate amount.  Clearly, the flu fatigue was catching up with him.  Chris made it all the way to mile 13, but finishing this race was not to be.  Despite this, the steps Chris took to raise funds and awareness of this terrible disease were invaluable.

Like running a marathon, finding the cure for type 1 diabetes is long and grueling.  Ty-Ty, his family, Chris, and all others like them who are helping to raise awareness and funds to battle this life threatening disease, are truly heroes.  Their hard work and determination bring Breakthrough T1D one step closer to helping find a cure for Ty-Ty, and others like him.  But it truly takes a village.

The only way we fail, is by not trying. Chris proved that.

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