Support Breakthrough T1D at Terrible Herbst


Terrible Herbst is teaming up with Breakthrough T1D to support T1D research! When you stop by any location during the month of June, you’ll be able to donate to Breakthrough T1D and have your donation proudly displayed on paper sneaker.

Join Breakthrough T1D at Terrible HerbstChances are you’ve seen Breakthrough T1D’s paper sneakers hanging up at many different locations around town throughout the year. It’s a great method that local and national companies use to support the Walk to Cure Diabetes (now the Breakthrough T1D One Walk), held every year locally at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The money raised goes directly to funding research that could one day cure T1D. Not only are the sneakers great for fundraising but they also show the community the amazing support Breakthrough T1D has, and encourages others to help as well.

When it comes to sneaker sales, Terrible Herbst is a great partner. Longtime supporters of Breakthrough T1D, last year alone they raised over $20,000 with their sneaker sales. With over 100 locations around the valley, it’s easy to pop in and show your support while filling up your tank. And in addition to selling sneakers, Terrible Herbst is also showing Breakthrough T1D diabetes awareness videos at their pumping stations.

Terrible Herbst sneaker campaign is running until June 30. You can find your nearest location by clicking here.