Meet Racheal: Type 1 Talk Chair


Racheal - Type 1 Talk ChairIt’s no secret that every mom is a superhero. With their hard work, courage, and loving hearts, it takes a strong woman to balance everything required for the job. Not only does Racheal McSharry fit the definition of a ‘Superhero Mom’, but she also finds time to be an amazing Breakthrough T1D volunteer! Every month Racheal heads up the Breakthrough T1D Type 1 Talk (formerly known as Parent Coffee Talk), along with taking care of her daughter Elyssa, who has T1D.

In fact, it was Racheal’s love for Elyssa is what got her involved in Breakthrough T1D. “About a month after Elyssa’s diagnosis, I was at my wits end,” she said. “I called Breakthrough T1D to ask if anyone knew of a good preschool for Elyssa. I got connected with one, and with the Walk to Cure Diabetes Chair for that year. Within three weeks I was involved.”

But Racheal’s involvement went a step further when she became involved with Type 1 Talk, and helped take it in a whole new direction. “I’ve expanded on it, and every month I contact speakers to come in, and create themes that other parents might want to hear about that fits in with the season.” Racheal does her best to make sure each month’s Type 1 Talk has new and important information to help the local community. “You’re always learning anyway, so this is a sort of free education opportunity. And in the T1D community, we love free learning opportunities.”

Though there are many benefits to volunteering, Racheal says what she loves most is helping other parents who were once in her situation. “I just love helping. I don’t want anyone to be as lost as I was when Elyssa first got diagnosed. When I meet new T1D parents at Type 1 Talk, I tell them to call me whenever they need me. And they’re wary at first, but after a while I’ll get calls at midnight asking for advice. I don’t even mind the if they do that! If I can help someone not feel lost, I will.”

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