Volunteer of the Month – Dr. Joy Lea


The Nevada Chapter Volunteer of the Month program is sponsored by our community partners at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Each month we will highlight one of our fabulous chapter volunteers and that volunteer will receive gift cards for free meals from Raising Cane’s.

Dr Joy LeaThis month’s volunteer made a huge impact on children with type 1 diabetes in our community by noticing a problem and working tirelessly to help find a solution.

Dr. Joy Lea was the principal at Sawyer Middle School where she had ten students last year living with T1D on her campus. She is also the grandmother of a child with diabetes. Dr. Lea saw and heard the challenges of navigating the education system with type 1 diabetes, both first hand at her school and as her family worked with their school system to protect her granddaughter. After experiencing the excitement of diabetes camp while dropping her granddaughter off, she wanted to bring that experience to our local community while also providing needed diabetes education.

The inaugural camp was held in June at Sawyer Middle School and the students, teachers, and nurses had a great time collaborating together to learn more about life with T1D and its effects on school and day to day life. The students had the opportunity to present visual projects on their challenges with diabetes, while parents, nurses, and educators learned from each other and from the students. We are excited to watch this event grow even larger next year!



Thank you Dr. Lea for making a positive change for people with type 1 diabetes in our community!