Participate in Local T1D Research


The Palm Research Center is currently enrolling participants in two different type 1 diabetes clinical trials. Participating in a clinical trial is another great way to help people with T1D because it drives scientific progress that will deliver new treatments and therapies to make day-to-day life with T1D easier, safer and healthier. It is part of the Breakthrough T1D mission of curing, preventing, and treating T1D and its complications.

Anyone with questions about other opportunities to participate in diabetes research or how to enroll in Breakthrough T1D sponsored TrialNet research should contact the Palm Research Center at 702-826-2795.

Study #1:

Newly Diagnosed Study
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The first study includes adults (ages 18-45) who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past 12 weeks.

This is a very time sensitive study attempting to determine if a combination of two investigational drugs, in addition to the standard treatment, are able to preserve the function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

Anyone who qualifies for this trial, or knows someone who has been recently diagnosed who may qualify for this trial should contact Palm Research Center as soon as possible.

The full study description can be found on the website.




Study #2:

A second trial is from Eli Lilly and is comparing Humalog to faster acting insulin Lispro. The study is 26 weeks and both basal and bolus insulins are provided through the study.

More information about that study can be found on the website.