The Ins and Outs of Healthy Meal Building!

Are you an adult with type 1 diabetes? Would you like to meet other adults with type 1 diabetes?

Come join the Phoenix T1D Adult group.

We hold monthly get-togethers to share successes, struggles and just get to know others with similar challenges living a life with T1D. We have educational speakers come and discuss diabetes management, new technology, nutrition, and much more.

This month we are lucky to have the Natural Grocers Nutritionist, Samantha Flatland, give us a cooking demonstration on how to make your next plate great.

The Ins and Outs of Healthy Meal Building:
We’ve got a challenge for you. Starting today, can you make your next plate great – meaning healthy, delicious, easy and affordable? Like a piece of organic gluten-free cake, right? But when the dog won’t even touch those crumbs, maybe it’s time for a meal intervention. Come learn the basics of healthy meal building, from protein to fiber and everything in between.

Please feel free to get a snack and a drink in the store and bring to the demo!

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