T1D Research Studies Currently Enrolling

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Palm Research Center is currently enrolling participants in three different type 1 diabetes clinical trials. Participating in a clinical trial helps to drive scientific progress that will deliver new treatments and therapies to make day-to-day life with T1D easier, safer and healthier. It is part of the Breakthrough T1D mission of curing, preventing, and treating T1D and its complications.

Qualified participants may receive study related medical exams, laboratory tests, investigational medication, and compensation for time and travel for participation in a study.

Study #1 – For participants using the Medtronic pump 530G and 630G insulin pumps
The study requires the current use of the Medtronic 530G and 630G insulin pumps and is examining the use of a new ultra-rapid formulation of insulin lispro. The study lasts for 6 months. All pump supplies are provided while on the study. Time and travel are compensated.

Study #2 and #3 – For Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) Users
These studies require the current use of insulin aspart or insulin lispro (Novolog/Humalog) as meal time insulin and insulin glargine (Lantus/Basaglar/Toujeo) as basal insulin. Both studies are using a new meal time insulin that will replace Novolog/Humalog while on study. These studies vary in time from 4-9 months and all supplies are provided. Time and travel are compensated.

TrialNet Research
TrialNet offers a screening test for relatives of people with type 1 diabetes to look for autoantibodies (proteins in the blood) that signal an increased risk for the disease. The test is capable of detecting these autoantibodies up to 10 years before symptoms appear.

If test results show an increased risk, participants are offered regular monitoring and may be eligible to join research studies testing new ways to delay or prevent the disease. The screening takes only about 15 minutes and requires a blood test.

Screening is available at no charge to those who are:

  1. Age 45 and under and have a parent, sibling or child with type 1 diabetes, or
  2. Age 20 and under and have a niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, grandparent, half‐sibling or cousin with type 1 diabetes.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to screen your entire family and help to advance this important research.

For questions about how to enroll in these opportunity or for more information on Breakthrough T1D sponsored TrialNet research, contact Palm Research Center at 702-826-2795.