Join us on a Journey Around the World with T1D


Dr. Jody Stanislaw has had type 1 since 1980. For almost a decade, she’s been helping patients all over the world via her T1D telemedicine practice.

After forty years of personally living with T1D, she is genuinely aware of how challenging it can be. Her lifelong mission has been to help and inspire as many people with T1D as possible.

When she was diagnosed at the age of seven, she spent a few nights at Seattle Children’s hospital. Believe it or not, she actually had so much fun during her stay that she decided when she grew up she wanted to help others. Thirty years later, she made that childhood dream come true, when she became Dr. Jody Stanislaw.

Dr. Stanislaw doesn’t let having type 1 stop her from doing anything she wants to do. For example, she loves to TRAVEL! So much so that this October, she will be living in a different country every month for an entire year!

She will be answering interesting and important questions such as:

  • What does insulin cost in other countries?
  • Is an prescription needed to get insulin?
  • Can to find an ENDO if needed?
  • What are foreign diabetes centers like? Do they exist?
  • How to dose for foreign foods?
  • How to adjust my insulin on long flights.
  • …And more!

Breakthrough T1D Arizona Chapter will follow along on this incredible journey by following Dr. Jody’s social media posts and sharing them with our community or you can follow her directly at:

Here is what we can look forward to:

  • Oct = Split, Croatia
  • Nov= Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dec = Valencia, Spain
  • Jan = Cape Town, South Africa
  • Feb = Hanoi, Vietnam
  • March = TBD, Thailand
  • April = Kyoto, Japan
  • May = Kuala Lumpur
  • June = Santiago, Chile
  • July = Lima, Peru –> she will be climbing Machu Picchu if you’d like to join her!!
  • Aug = Medellin, Columbia
  • Sept = Mexico City