Update: Training for Everest with T1D

Here is an update from Georgia volunteer, John Hanson, on training for the 29029 Everesting challenge with T1D. To read John’s full training story, see our blog post “The Mountain as a Metaphor.”

T1D definitely makes training for an endurance race tough. I am currently using the Dexcom CGM and also the Omnipod. I have not started on the Omnipod closed loop but have been using the open source RileyLink Loop to turn my pump into a closed loop system. As we near the actual event, I have been doing 4-6 mile runs during the week, stairmaster for 1 hour off an on, and long 10-22 mile hikes and jogs on the weekend. I have had to change my Loop settings for each activity depending on the length and intensity. For example, I have created a new setting for my “Long Hikes” where I drop my insulin needs by 50% and set my algorithm to shoot for a blood sugar range that is 145-200. I keep an Apple Watch on and I check my blood sugar constantly to see how my sugar is reacting. As with any endurance activity, nutrition is key so I have had to play with different foods, drinks and supplements during exercise to find foods that are easy to eat but also do not drastically affect my blood sugar in both directions. Each day is different so I have had to be flexible with my pump settings to make sure I am setting up my algorithm for success. I have learned a lot as I have trained for 29029 and look forward to putting all of this new knowledge to work in September!”

– John