Greater New England Chapter Leadership

Chapter Staff

Lauren Shields

Executive Director


Phone: 617-831-1128

Christina Roche

Development Director | Signature Events


Phone: 617-831-1127

Holly Maloney

Senior Development Manager | One Walk


Phone: 617-831-1134

Devin Carreiro

Development Manager | One Walk


Phone: 401-214-7429

Mel Henry

Development Manager | Northern New England


Phone: 617-831-1132

Kristen Kinney

Development Manager | Signature Events


Phone: 774-277-1918

Annamaria Lukes

Development Manager | Ride and Endurance


Phone: 617-831-1125

Phyllis Kaplan

Community Engagement Manager


Phone: 617-631-3802

Andrea Herrmann

Development Coordinator | Peer to Peer


Phone: 617-831-1133

Meghan McDonald

Development Assistant | Signature Events


Phone: 617-831-1135

Greater New England Community Board

Adriana Bauzá

Board Member

Maggie Berkeley

Board Member

Jim Bode

President Elect

Maria Conroy

Chair, Stewardship

Molly Colvin, Ph.D.

Board Member

Doug Cornelius

Chair, Nominating & Board Development

Robert Durkee

Board Member

Ali Fox

Board Member

Noah Gardner

Board Member

Amanda Gilchrist

Clinical Trials Education Volunteer | Co-Chair, Community Engagement

Adrian Gonzalez

Board Member

Scott Goodrich

Board Member

Phyllis Grant

Board Member

Matt Holmes

Board Member

Dean Kamen

Board Member

Laura Keenan

Board Member

Dawn McGrew

Research Information Volunteer

Ellen O'Donnell

Board Member

Jamie O'Riordan

Board Member

Casey Rojas

Advocacy Team Chair

Corey Rosenfield

Co-Chair, Corporate Development

Stefany Shaheen

Board Member

Jaleen Siekman


Brian Smith

Board Member

Michael Stanley

Board Member

Ryan Stuebe

President, Young Leadership Committee

Maureen Toohey

Board Member

Catherine Walter

Board Member