Spring Break T1D Travel Tips

Planning to travel for spring break? Here are some T1D travel tips to help you prepare and be safe while enjoying your trip!


  • If you’re planning to travel across time zones, ask your doctor for guidance on adjusting your insulin dosage schedule.
  • Identify the hospitals and pharmacies nearest to where you will be staying.
  • Make a checklist of all diabetes related equipment you might need to make sure you don’t forget anything and are prepared for an emergency. Don’t forget the little things like extra batteries for a blood glucose meter or insulin pump.


  • Keep all your supplies in a carry-on bag. Never store insulin or a CGM in checked luggage – the cargo hold is subject to extreme temperatures.
  • Plan for extra time at security. Tell a TSA agent if you’re wearing a pump or CGM and ask for a hand-check or pat-down as opposed to going through the scanner.
  • To help your security check go faster, store all medication together in a clear plastic bag for screening.


  • Identify the nearest sources of emergency glucose, whether it’s a vending machine down the hall or a hotel shop.
  • Consider renting a room refrigerator for insulin if one is not already provided.
  • Read menus carefully for ingredients containing carbohydrates. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s in a dish, especially if you’re not familiar with the local food.

These tips are thanks to David Kerr, M.D., Director of Research and Innovation at California’s William Sansum Diabetes Center.  For additional information regarding TSA guidelines and type 1 diabetes, check out https://www.breakthrought1d.org/t1d-resources/living-with-t1d/travel/.

Have a great spring break and safe travels!