Breakthrough T1D Spotlight: Tommy Short, 2021 Chapter Ride Leader


We have some fantastic Breakthrough T1D Ride Leaders for the 2021 season. Last fall you met first-year rider Tyler Myers. Now get to know Tommy Short, a Breakthrough T1D Ride to Cure Diabetes Champion!

For those who have yet to meet me, my name is Tommy Short and I am so grateful to be your Ride Leader for the 2021 Breakthrough T1D Ride Season. I have been with the program since 2016 and genuinely love helping our riders cross their “finish line” and make an impact toward maintaining, preventing and eventually curing T1D! I will *never* forget the feeling I had at my first ride in La Crosse when we were all lined up at the starting line; 600+ riders, all wearing the same kit, all excited and nervous, all riding for the same reason. It was the first time in my life that I had been surrounded by so many people that “get it” and I was blown away at the sense of community and support. As we began our journey that day and the miles ticked away, I met so many new faces and heard so many new stories — all the doubt I had been carrying for 40+ years washed away and was replaced with hope … hope and awareness that we will see a cure for type one diabetes and that leading our Kansas & Missouri Chapter is the single biggest way I can contribute to the cause.

Know that I love and believe deeply in bikes and the human spirit. I ride for our son Baylor, myself, my sister-in-law Catherine, and in memory of our Uncle Michael. I support each one of our riders, individually and collectively. I grew up in Ohio, but the Midwest is our home and we love it here.

Fun facts! My current favorite show is Cobra Kai and my favorite treat remains to be chocolate chip cookies (with movie theatre popcorn taking a close second). My closest brush with fame was winning a poster contest when I was 12 years old and appearing in the local newspaper. I did get to fulfill a childhood dream of catching a major league foul ball at a Royals Game about 12 years ago – bare handed and right over our two oldest boys’ heads! I’m terrible with names, but never forget a face … and I have a *terrible* sense of direction but, when we do get to ride together again, I promise to get y’all back to our starting point even if we get lost a couple times along the way.

Call/text me with any questions and concerns about Breakthrough T1D Ride and joining The Burnt Ends chapter team.

Tommy Short