What’s New with Breakthrough T1D One Walk Colorado?


Let the countdown begin…

Breakthrough T1D One Walk Colorado is a little over a month away on Sunday, September 17 at the Jeffco Fairgrounds in Golden and you do not want to miss out on the largest T1D party in the state!  

There are lots of new things that you’ll experience at the 2023 Breakthrough T1D One Walk: 

  • T1D Champion Parade! Make sure to arrive and meet us near the stage at 9:30am to experience the first ever T1D Champion Parade in Colorado! This is a way to honor all of the people we love who courageously battle T1D day-in and day-out. This cannot be missed!
  • Teen Tent! Hosted by Breakthrough T1D Youth Ambassadors, you’ll enjoy a variety of activities geared towards teenagers including friendship bracelets, exclusive snacks and treats (hello, Italian sodas!), Spikeball and more!
  • Food Trucks! We’re thrilled to have The Magic Food Bus and Bandwagon Sandwich Co. joining us at Breakthrough T1D One Walk, so don’t forget to come hungry and bring your wallet.   

In addition to all the new, we’re bringing back some of your favorite things that make Breakthrough T1D One Walk special: 

  • Individually raise $1,000+ and become a V1P Walker!  You’ll receive a coupon to visit a food truck, have exclusive parking on Walk Day, access to the V1P tent with special swag and a V1P lanyard to make sure everyone knows who the fundraising rockstars are. 
  • Raise $2,000 and earn a sign along the Mile of Hope! This is the special section of the route where we honor our T1D Champions with a custom-printed tribute sign. Benefit must be achieved by September 5.
  • Raise $5,000 and earn a tent in the Top Team Village! This is your team’s dedicated meeting space. You’ll be able to have a place to call home base and meet your team as well as get out of the sun. Benefit must be achieved by September 5.

Do you have questions about what to expect on Walk Day? Do you need help fundraising? Reach out to Dana at DSlack@BreakthroughT1D.org or 303-304-3087.  

We can’t wait to see you on September 17. CLICK HERE to get registered!