Clinical Trial Spotlight

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Come back to this blog post periodically to read about the clinical trials currently recruiting people just like you!


Purpose: to learn if finerenone is safe and effective in preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease in people with T1D

What’s required: participation for potentially up to 7.5 months, taking study treatments for 6 months, with visits to the study site at least 6 times

Who can participate: adults over the age of 18 who have lived with T1D for at least one year

Learn more about this study and your eligibility here!

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Intervention Study

Purpose: to evaluate a new mindfulness-based stress reduction app for use for people living with T1D

What’s required: a total time commitment of 8 hours over 8 weeks, utilizing weekly topics in the app that include meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises

Who can participate: adolescents and young adults ages 12 through 19 who have T1D for at least 6 months

Incentive: each participant receives $80

Fill out this survey to determine if you are eligible!

For a treatment, drug, or device to make it into the hands of people with T1D, it first needs your help to complete a vital step – a clinical trial. Learn more about how you can impact T1D breakthroughs through research and clinical trials here.