A little girl and her father spend time together coloring.

Having everyone at home pretty much all of the time can be a challenge–especially when it comes to keeping children engaged and active.

But thanks to digital technology and the generosity of organizations and artists also affected by what some now call the “coronatine,” it doesn’t have to be.

Below, some family-friendly (and free!) options to keep young minds and bodies active.

1. Go wild with virtual zoo visits, safaris, and farm tours.

 2. Go out of this world to explore the Red Planet … Or stay closer to home by visiting our National Parks.

3. Take part in the “Teddy Bear Hunt” with Rufus (or Ruby).

4. Get crafty with origami, doodling with a favorite kid’s illustrator, and projects that parents and kids can do together.

5. Get moving together to blow off some steam and stay in shape.

6. Get intellectual with free educational materials designed to teach and test your  mettle.

7. Go old school with tried and true activities from back in the day.

  • When all else fails, you know you can count on low-tech options such as puzzles, board games, and even Mad Libs. Chances are, you’ll rediscover some childhood favorites while introducing them to your children.