Join Team Hunter’s Hunt for a Cure at a Breakthrough T1D One Walk this Spring

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Walking Strong: The Hunt for a Cure

11-year-old T1D warrior Hunter Browning is leading his family in a relentless pursuit: the hunt for a cure for type 1 diabetes! Diagnosed at the age of 9, Hunter’s journey has become an inspiration for his entire community as they come together at the annual Breakthrough T1D One Walk.

Joining the One Walk

The Browning family has participated in the Breakthrough T1D One Walk since Hunter’s diagnosis 2 years ago.

“Walk Day is an exciting day for us,” shares Hunter’s mother, Jennifer. “Our family and friends come together to celebrate Hunter and other T1D warriors”.

The Significance of Walk Day

For the upcoming 2024 walk, the Browning family looks forward to reuniting with friends made through their participation in previous events. The walk has become a  community-building event where shared experiences strengthen the collective determination to fight to make a difference.

Tips for First-Time Walkers

Sharing insights gained from their journey, the Browning family has some valuable tips for new walk teams. “Wear proper shoes and have fun!” Also, they encourage others to make friends at the walk, as this event has become a platform for families to connect and make lasting friendships.

Living with type one diabetes has taught the Brownings that there is no “normal”. Each day is a unique challenge. “You won’t have a day that is ever the same, and that is okay!” Hunter’s mother emphasizes.

Hunter offers words of encouragement and support to fellow youngsters dealing with type 1 diabetes: “It isn’t as bad as it seems. You can still do the same things you did before. It helps to reach out to other kids who have type 1, and I am always here to talk to.”Join Team “Hunting for a Cure” at a Breakthrough T1D One Walk this Spring – Columbus on Sunday April 28th or at Kings Island in early June. Click here here for more details.