Julie and David Abes To Be Honored at 2022 Hope Gala

The Breakthrough T1D Georgia Community is pleased to recognize Julie and David Abes for nearly two decades of exceptional service to Breakthrough T1D. They will receive the prestigious Barbara and Duke Roos Living and Giving Award on May 7th at the 2022 Hope Gala.

The Abes family was first introduced to Breakthrough T1D when their son, Mitchell, was diagnosed with T1D at the age of two. Since then, they have inspired and supported many with their unwavering passion for Breakthrough T1D and its mission. Julie says, “Breakthrough T1D has provided us with hope and incredible progress throughout the last 20 years.  We are truly humbled to be honored with the Living and Giving Award this year. This organization means so much to our family!”

The entire family dove in headfirst as both volunteers and donors participating in every possible Breakthrough T1D event and activity from ONE Walk to Hope Gala. Julie has been an integral part of our Outreach Program dedicating her time to visiting newly diagnosed families and mentoring parents in their T1D journey. She has also served on the Hope Gala Committee for many years. David has orchestrated countless fundraisers for Breakthrough T1D over the years and helped make connections in the corporate sector. He has also served two 6-year terms on the Board of Directors. Both of their children have been equally involved with Breakthrough T1D. Mitchell served as a Youth Ambassador at the Hope Gala and spear-headed a successful walk team for many years. He graduates from college this May! Their daughter, Amanda, supported her brother’s walk efforts and volunteered at the Hope Gala for several years. Amanda was so inspired by her family’s passion for Breakthrough T1D that she went into the medical field and will graduate with a degree in Occupational Therapy this year. “The leadership of the entire Abes Family has been felt in every aspect of our organization and has personally affected so many in the Atlanta T1D community. It is a pleasure to honor Julie and David with our highest award,” said Sara Orrell, Executive Director, Breakthrough T1D Georgia and South Carolina Chapter.

To join us as we honor, celebrate and congratulate Julie and David for the significant impact they have made on behalf of Breakthrough T1D and its mission to eradicate T1D please visit, www.jdrfhopegala.org.

The Living and Giving Award is the most prestigious honor that an individual, couple, or family can receive from the Georgia Chapter. The recipients embody the spirit of Breakthrough T1D and are at the core of what we fight to do every day: accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. In 2015, to commemorate the 20th anniversary Hope Gala and forever solidify their longtime commitment to Breakthrough T1D, the award was re-named after Barbara and Duke Roos. Others among the inspiring list of past honorees: Joan and Neal Allen, Kris Bagwell, Dr. Bruce Bode, Shirley Borenstein, Donna and Andy Cash, Carter and John Hipp, Jill and John Kampfe, Lisa and Todd Klumok, Paula and Jim McDonald, Penn and Net Payne, Andrea and John Pruitt, Debby and Jim Robbins, Laura and Rutherford Seydel, Barbara and Byron Williams and most recently, the late Shirley Borenstein.

This year, the award holds even more weight as our beloved Duke Roos passed away in January 2022. The Breakthrough T1D Georgia Community will continue to bestow this award to deserving volunteers in both Barbara and Duke’s honor and in memory of Duke’s 40 + years of passion, dedication and service to Breakthrough T1D and the T1D community.