Meet the 2021 One Walk Youth Ambassadors


We are thrilled to share our 2021 One Walk Youth Ambassadors. These inspiring kids and teens are supporting Breakthrough T1D’s mission by sharing their stories of life with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and leading One Walk teams to raise awareness and funds for T1D.


This is Trisha’s first year as a One Walk Youth Ambassador, but her walk team, Wonder Woman Trisha, has been sharing her story for the last 3 years. Trisha loves to play video games, play with her dog, dance and do arts and crafts. For Trisha, being part of the Breakthrough T1D family brings a sense of belonging and being surrounded by those who understand life with T1D. A cure for Trisha would mean a life without shots and pokes.


Paxton is a first year One Walk Youth Ambassador and has jumped right in after being diagnosed 3 months ago. When he’s not on the baseball field, Paxton loves to cook and has worked to find carb friendly recipes to help balance his T1D. As a new T1D champion, Paxton looks forward to meeting new people in his T1D community and being a part of the 2021 One Walk with his team, Cure.


In the last year, first year One Walk Ambassador, Lilly, has learned to balance her T1D with her active life of swim team, volleyball, biking and more! Lilly wishes others knew that there is currently no way to prevent this disease and she didn’t do something to cause it. As a new member of the Breakthrough T1D family, having this community means a lot to Lilly because there are so many more people that can relate to her experiences and she can help raise money to find cures for T1D with her walk team, Lilly’s Type Wonderful Team!


Carson has been part of the Breakthrough T1D family for 5 years and has been incredibly involved through his One Walk team, Carson’s Crushers, and as a Gala Youth Ambassador. Carson doesn’t let his T1D slow him down and stays active with soccer and baseball. The best part of One Walk for Carson is seeing all his friends support his team and rock their Carson’s Crushers t-shirts. Carson loves helping out with all things Breakthrough T1D and likes being able to meet other families who have kids with T1D, just like him!


Juliette has shared her story as a Gala Youth Ambassador and is back to lead her walk team, J Dog’s Pack, as a One Walk Youth Ambassador. As a T1D champion for 5 years, Juliette wants others to know that T1D is a 24/7 job that you never get a break from. Breakthrough T1D has helped Juliette feel less alone with her T1D by being able to connect and make friends with others going through the same experiences. For Juliette, a cure would mean more freedom to live her life and not having to constantly worry about blood sugar levels.


Jacob is back for another One Walk and is looking forward to educating others about T1D, including the fact that eating too much sugar does not cause type 1 diabetes. Jacob enjoys playing baseball and playing games on his Nintendo Switch. A cure for Jacob would completely change his life!


Kaceyn is a returning One Walk Youth Ambassador and is back with her team, Kaceyn’s Krew. For Kaceyn, who was diagnosed 4 years ago, One Walk has been a way to help support Breakthrough T1D’s vision of creating a world without type 1 diabetes. Kaceyn loves playing with her puppy, Mocha, and playing with friends, always being sure to have low snacks on hand to make sure her blood sugar doesn’t drop too low. A cure for Kaceyn would mean everything because type 1 diabetes can be really hard, and she wouldn’t have to worry about things like making a CGM site less noticeable.