Fund A Cure With The Eder & Wiseman Families

Fund A Cure. 

We are thrilled to be back together in the ballroom for the 2022 Dream Galas this year! For any Breakthrough T1D Gala, whether we could be together in the ballroom or celebrated virtually – one thing has remained the same. The Fund A Cure portion of the evening is one of the most impactful pieces of the Dream Gala. During Fund A Cure, families share their stories of life with T1D and generous supporters like you, moved by these inspiring stories, give gifts that directly impact the vital mission of Breakthrough T1D.

Whether it’s the shock of a new T1D diagnosis, finding a community and family through Breakthrough T1D even through a pandemic, or even navigating the daily battles that effect those with T1D, we can all find something within their stories that hits home. These personal stories inspire and remind us all of our vision, a world without type 1 diabetes. Learn more about how you can go the distance with your 100% tax deductible Fund A Cure gift today to support life-changing research below.

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We are beyond excited to introduce you to our 2022 Fund A Cure families, the Eders & the Wisemans!

The Eder Family

Adam and Becky Eder live with their two young children, Max and Lux, near St. Louis, MO. The Eder’s lives were forever changed when their daughter, Lux, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in August 2020. Lux was only 5 years old and just 2 weeks away from starting kindergarten. Adam and Becky were in a whirlwind of changes, trying to find their “new normal,” when a dear friend connected them with Breakthrough T1D. They received resources and support for Lux, her new school, and their family. With these tools and a connection to the T1D community, their confidence grew. As a family, they want to do everything to help Lux and all those living with T1D. The Eder family hopes you will join them in advancing life-changing research for all families impacted by T1D.


The Wiseman Family

Tim and Becky Wiseman, along with sons, Christian and Lucas, live in Kansas City, MO with adult daughter, Dekota living nearby. In January 2020, at 11 years old, Lucas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The worry for Lucas and his future was immediate for Tim and Becky. A week following the diagnosis, Becky had the opportunity to meet two other parents whose children have T1D and connected with Breakthrough T1D. These meetings left Becky and her family feeling inspired and empowered. Together, they knew they could make a difference. The Wiseman family wants to be a voice for the T1D community, and they ask all of you to use your voice and support to bring us closer to Breakthrough T1D’s vision of a world without type 1 diabetes.

We hope you join us for all of the good things ahead at the 2022 Dream Galas! You can learn more about the Dream Galas and Fund A Cure below.

Dream Gala St. Louis

Dream Gala Kansas City

Four Seasons St. Louis

Kansas City Marriot Downtown

April 23, 2022

May 21, 2022

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Join the Eders and Wisemans at the 2022 Dream Gala to share in their stories and help us on the path forward to a world without type 1 diabetes. Together, we can go the distance!