All Things Advocacy!


Breakthrough T1D Advocates help build and sustain critical support for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research funded by the Federal Government by raising awareness among Members of Congress of the financial, medical and emotional costs of the disease. We have some amazing Kansas & Missouri advocates that are using their voice to help secure continued Federal funding for important diabetes research, inform health and regulatory policy, and improve the quality of life for those affected by T1D – until we find a cure. Continue reading to meet our Children’s Congress Delegates, Advocates in Action Council and our Advocacy Team Chairs!

Children’s Congress Delegates


Meet Blythe! Blythe has previously served as a 2022 One Walk Youth Ambassador and her family served on the One Walk Committee. She loves to write stories about animals, read, and play video games with her friends! Blythe is excited to be a Children’s Congress Delegate because it is important to her that people all over the nation get the right type of support, care and supplies in order to live their best life with T1D until there is a cure!

Eve LeeAnn

Meet Eve LeeAnn! Eve LeeAnn was diagnosed with T1D when she was 18 months old. She currently serves as a 2023 Dream Gala Youth Ambassador and has participated in One Walk. Eve LeeAnn loves to sing and dance and dreams to one day have her own blog on YouTube to teach adults and kids like her that living with T1D is possible! She is excited to be a Children’s Congress Delegate to share the importance of access to T1D technology and information to all communities.


Meet Izzy! Izzy has served as a Dream Gala Youth Ambassador and led her One Walk team for over 5 years! She also is on the Leadership Team for the Arch City Kids Theater Troupe, which raises funds for Breakthrough T1D through a musical revue and free-will donation. Izzy loves to cheer, dance and spend time with her family and friends. She has been committed to raising awareness and helping other children with T1D since her initial diagnosis, and she is excited to spread T1D awareness as a Children’s Congress Delegate!


Meet Kate! Kate has served as a 2022 One Walk Youth Ambassador and her family served on the One Walk Committee. She loves to play piano and volleyball and is a member of the Girl Scouts. Kate and her family have done many things to promote T1D awareness in their community, so Kate is excited to meet with Members of Congress to educate and advocate for all of those living with T1D!


Meet Madison! Madison and her family have had a One Walk team for over 5 years and have also created a support group within their local community for families of children with T1D. She loves to play guitar, sing, paint, sew and draw! Madison and her family are very passionate about finding cures and better treatments for T1D. She is excited for this amazing opportunity to have her voice heard somewhere it really matters!

Advocates In Action Council (AAC)

We are excited to have Kansas and Missouri Chapter volunteers, Kalli Pfeifer and Anna Squires, on the Advocates in Action Council! The Advocates in Action Council is a group of young adults – business and civic professionals as well as students – who actively support the advancement of Breakthrough T1D Advocacy’s priority areas, spread awareness of type 1 diabetes (T1D) within their communities, and inspire youth to use their voices and share their stories with key decision makers. Through their involvement, they drive meaningful progress on our path to cures for T1D.

Advocacy Team

Judy Krtek serves on the Breakthrough T1D Grassroots Leadership Team (GLT) for the Kansas & Missouri chapter! GLT is a group of seasoned Advocacy volunteers who serve as a direct extension of the national Breakthrough T1D Advocacy team. The many exciting milestones achieved through the years would not have been possible without their countless contributions! This group of Advocacy Leaders mentor and support Advocacy Team Chairs (ATC) across the country, lending their expertise to help ensure the success of our grassroots campaigns / initiatives, establish and grow an Advocacy committee, and represent Advocacy at Breakthrough T1D events.

Lizzie Quante and Melissa Cooper serve as our Advocacy Team Chairs (ATCs)! The ATCs are the lead volunteer organizers at the chapter level. The ATC’s role is to support the legislative and policy priorities set forth by Breakthrough T1D advocacy by engaging and growing the local base of advocates, taking action on alerts, building relationships with Members of Congress, participating in virtual campaigns and sharing information on social media.

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