Family Team Highlight – Hogan’s Heroes

The first day of diagnosis is like someone coming up to you and kicking you as hard as they can, right in the gut. You know nothing about this ugly disease and you’re scared to tears. You try to be strong for your child but they end up being your strength and inspiration.

Our son Logan, was diagnosed with T1D at age 7, in 2008. We were on a vacation in Mexico and when we returned, he had shrunk down to nothing, losing 12 pounds in a week’s time.  I shrieked with terror, but didn’t want to alarm my husband.  I knew something was seriously wrong and that he was sick. I got on the Internet and everything pointed to type 1 diabetes, but that just couldn’t be, in my mind, because we had no family history of diabetes.

We were sent to Children’s Hospital immediately, there was a team waiting for us there. They took really good care of him and us.  For the next 6 days we learned how to give shots, how to measure insulin, count carbohydrates, account for exercise and do regular blood sugar checks and keep logs.

Today, Logan continues to inspire us every day to keep fighting the good fight. He thinks a lot about his children. He doesn’t want to pass this on and would really like to see a CURE soon so that when the “Ice Cream” truck rolls by he can join the rest of the kiddos getting ice cream cones.  He wants to join the rest of the kids on week-long camps, sleepovers, and random impromptu football games during meal time. My husband and I would like to sleep through the night again, not waking up with worry or having to set our alarm for blood sugar checks at 12am and 3am. His siblings see his daily struggle to manage the numbers, they want peace for him.

We WALK for Logan and the other kiddos fighting this disease day in and day out. They never get a break. It is permanent and they are insulin dependent forever. We WALK to give them hope. They inspire us as parents more than you could ever imagine. A part of their childhood is taken from them and most of them step up to the plate and prevail. We WALK for these kiddos – they are troopers. We WALK for the CURE.  All for 1!

Logan Moan
Logan & Amy Moan