The Langel Challenge


Langel Family

This year, Rick & Kim Langel have chosen to honor their daughter, Amber, through a donation to the Breakthrough T1D Hope Gala Fund A Cure. Amber was diagnosed with T1D 10 years ago, at the age of eight. To acknowledge this milestone anniversary of her diagnosis they have chosen to donate $100 for every year she has been living with T1D in recognition of the courage, burden, pain and bravery that Amber has faced each year, without complaint. Their $1,000 gift is a tribute to their daughter’s strength and a gift of hope to all those living with T1D.

In addition to the 10-year anniversary of Amber’s diagnosis, the Langel’s also have a special connection with Doug & Amy Dollison and their daughter Sofie, this year’s Fund A Cure family. The two families were immediately connected at the time of Sofie Dollison’s diagnosis through the Breakthrough T1D Mentor program. The Langel’s provided support and guidance for the Dollison family through the early days and months of their new life with T1D. Doug & Amy have decided to join the Langel family in their tribute and will also be donating $100 for each year Sofie has been living with T1D.

The Langel’s invite anyone with a personal connection to T1D to honor their loved one in the same way- by making a $100 donation for every year your friend or family member has been living with the daily burden of this disease. If you do not have a personal connection, you are invited to honor Amber and Sofie and the millions of others living with T1D by giving at any level you can.

All donations made through Fund A Cure go directly to vital research aimed at curing, treating, and preventing T1D and are 100% tax-deductible.

To make a donation, visit: