Breakthrough T1D One Walk Spotlight – Da Moshers, Team Awesome

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Ben, 2016 Breakthrough T1D One Walk

Sitting in Children’s Hospital at 1 am watching my 9 year old son sleep. I am trying to process the diagnosis. Yesterday seems like a Galaxy far, far, away. In the hours to come, my mind was rolling, like movie credits, through all the information we have been given about Type One Diabetes. I was so tired, but at that time I had no idea what tired really felt like. Three days later, we go home with our brains on overload, carrying bags full of supplies & information. T1D, our new life, our own phantom menace.

Sifting through our bag of “goodies” that the hospital sent home with us, I came across a card about Rufus and the Bag of Hope. That website encounter brought our family to Breakthrough T1D. We began to get evites to events for parents and family events. Our small little world began to open up and we were not alone in this epic battle anymore. The more we learned about the research and innovations through Breakthrough T1D, the more the Moshers wanted to get involved. Through Breakthrough T1D we have all learned a lot and have had some really great times too. Vala’s, TypeOneNation Summits, and Ben was Kid of the Game at a Storm Chasers game last year, all thanks to Breakthrough T1D!

In 2015, we started FUNdraising and Team AweSOme was born. Our whole, creative family is involved. My 2 boys starred in videos to raise awareness and raise money (we are working on the 3rd one now). My husband turned bowls, my Sister made a wall quilt, and my Mom embroidered table clothes, friends donated items and we raffled them off at B&B HotDog. This was also a cook’s night out event for Team AweSOme and Breakthrough T1D. My sister also made adorable, little stuffed monsters and sold them at her local Hy-Vee in Yankton SD. This year will be our 2nd annual Rummage sale with all the proceeds to Breakthrough T1D.

We are going on our 3rd year of the One Walks…Go Team AweSOme! We know that every step and every dollar will help find a cure. And we have only just begun to wage war and seek our Revenge on this disease. Raising funds and awareness, waiting for cure, our New Hope!

— Jeff, Colleen, Jason & Ben

Join the Moshers on Saturday, August 19th for the annual Breakthrough T1D One Walk,