American Diabetes Association 84th Scientific Sessions

The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 84th Scientific Sessions is almost here! From June 21-24, scientists and healthcare professionals will gather at one of the largest conferences of diabetes researchers in the world. Breakthrough T1D scientists and Breakthrough T1D-funded researchers will also be there to hear first-hand and present new study results that will improve outcomes for people with diabetes (T1D). Read what’s happening below.

ADA’s 84th Scientific Sessions

  • The Scientific Sessions is one of the largest gatherings of diabetes researchers in the world, where scientists and healthcare professionals share and learn about new diabetes advances with top experts.
  • Breakthrough T1D-supported research has been highlighted at this annual event since Breakthrough T1D started funding research, showcasing new breakthroughs and therapies for people with T1D.
  • This year, researchers will present 180+ studies—with Breakthrough T1D funding at present or in the past—encompassing clinical trials and significant research studies that are paving the way to novel and emerging treatments for T1D.
  • Breakthrough T1D-funded researchers will outline new advances such as:

Curing T1D

  • Cell Therapies
    • Aside from cell source, how do you keep the cells alive and thriving once transplanted?
  • Disease-Modifying Therapies
    • How do immune therapies block T1D progression and what can be done to enhance this?
  • Early Detection
    • How close are we to early detection using autoantibody screening and monitoring?

Improving Lives

  • Treatments
    • Is there a place for SGLT inhibition—which is FDA-approved for T2D—in T1D?
  • Technologies
    • Closing the loop in artificial pancreas systems in exercise: To work out or not?
  • Psychosocial Health
    • Beyond diabetes distress, what are the screening tools for other psychosocial health concerns, such as depression and anxiety?

Throughout the Scientific Sessions, Breakthrough T1D will be sharing updates to keep people apprised of the day-to-day happenings:

  • Blog posts before, during, and after the ADA meeting
  • A Facebook Live event (Breakthrough T1D HQ) for each day, taking place the following day, with Breakthrough T1D research staff talking about the takeaways
  • A “happy hour” with CEO Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., from 6-7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 26, speaking about the takeaways from the ADA Scientific Sessions and a Q&A period to answer questions from you, via Facebook Live (Breakthrough T1D HQ)
  • Interviews with Breakthrough T1D-funded scientists, who will go over their research and what it means to the T1D community, to be pushed out on social media
  • To stay updated, follow us on Facebook (Breakthrough T1D HQ), X (@BreakthroughT1D), and LinkedIn (Breakthrough T1D), with the hashtags #BreakthroughT1DxADA and #ADA2024