American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions Takeaways

The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 81st Scientific Sessions is almost here! From June 25-29, scientists and healthcare professionals will gather, virtually, at one of the largest conferences of diabetes researchers in the world. Breakthrough T1D researchers and Breakthrough T1D-funded scientists will also be there virtually to hear first-hand and present new study results that will improve outcomes for people with diabetes (T1D). Read what’s happening below.

ADA’s 81st Scientific Sessions

  • The Scientific Sessions is one of the largest gatherings of diabetes researchers in the world, where scientists and healthcare professionals share and learn about new diabetes advances with top experts.
  • JDRF-supported research has been highlighted at this annual event since Breakthrough T1D started funding research, showcasing new breakthroughs and therapies for people with T1D.
  • This year, researchers will present 120+ studies—with Breakthrough T1D-funding at present or in the past—encompassing breakthrough clinical trials and significant research studies that are paving the way to novel and emerging treatments for T1D.
  • JDRF-funded researchers will outline new advances like:

Curing T1D

  • Cell Therapies
    • Stem cell-derived beta cells: What is the state of the art?
  • Disease-Modifying Therapies
    • How can we implement immune intervention in clinical practice?
    • What are the epigenetic effects on beta cell proliferation, function, and survival?
  • T1D Screening
    • General vs. targeted screening: Which one is best?

Improving Lives

  • Glucose Control
    • Low blood sugar therapies: Pros vs. cons?
    • Who should use a DIY artificial pancreas system?
  • Complications
    • Clinical trials for diabetic kidney disease: Are we ready?
    • A new staging system for diabetic eye disease: Are we ready for prime time?
  • Psychosocial
    • Preserving mental health across the lifespan and during COVID-19?

Throughout the Scientific Sessions, Breakthrough T1D will be sharing updates to keep people apprised of the day-to-day happenings:

  • Blog posts before, during, and after the ADA meeting
  • A Facebook Live event (@myJDRF) for each day, from 7:00-7:30pm ET, with Breakthrough T1D-funded scientists talking about the takeaways from that day
  • A “happy hour” with CEO Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., from 7-8pm ET on Tuesday, June 29, speaking about the takeaways from the ADA Scientific Sessions and a Q&A period to answer questions from you, via Facebook Live (@myJDRF)
  • Interviews with Breakthrough T1D-funded scientists, who will go over their research and what it means to the T1D community, to be pushed out on social media
  • To stay updated, follow us on Facebook (@myJDRF) and Twitter (@JDRF and @JDRFResearch), with the hashtags #JDRFxADA and #ADA2021