Father of 2 Teens with T1D Exec Produces New Netflix Show

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Rick Suvalle is the father to two T1D daughters. When he’s not helping them adjust their basals or change their insets he is Executive Producing DreamWorks’ “Dew Drop Diaries,” a new preschool animated series that Rick created. The show is about tiny fairies who secretly help children and families with the little things that can fall through the cracks. Rick says he was inspired by his T1Ds to create the show, “While the show isn’t about diabetes, I was inspired by my T1D daughters in the sense that we teach them that they can do anything, just like the tiny fairies in the show who must take on giant (to them) tasks.” But representing diabetes is important to Rick so he hired a T1D on his staff as while as brought on T1D actress Brec Bassinger (star of the CW’s “Star Girl”) to play the tiny fairies’ mentor in the show. Rick says the show is about ingenuity and perseverance, something every T1D understands. “Dew Drop Diaries” debuted on Netflix on July 24.